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   Whom Say Ye That I Am?


Matt. 16:15-16


Sunday Morning Sermon

May 23, 1999

Fair Avenue Baptist Church



Text:  Matt. 16:15-16


This morning I just want us to walk through the Scriptures and find the answer to the question that Jesus asked to Peter there in Matthew 16.


What Think Ye Of Christ?


1.       John the Baptist

            John 1:32-34, “this is the Son of God.”

            John 3:30, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”


2.       Nathanael

            John 1:49, “thou art the Son of God.”


3.       The Apostles

            Matt. 14:33, “thou art the Son of God.”


4.       Peter

            John 6:69, “the Son of the living God.”


5.       Martha

            John 11:25-27, “the Son of God.”


6.       The Roman Soldiers

            Matt. 27:54, “Truly this was the Son of God.”


7.       John Mark, the Evangelist

            Mark 1:1, “the Son of God.”


8.       Saul of Tarsus

            Acts 9:20, “He is the Son of God.”


9.       The Ethiopian Eunuch

            Acts 8:37, “the Christ the Son of God.”


10.     The Legion of Demons

            Mark 5:6-9, “Son of the most high God”


11.     The Unclean Spirit

            Mark 3:11, “Thou art the Son of God.”


The question of the hour is, “Who do we think He is?”

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