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   Our Pastor

Garry Don Way was born in San Antonio, Texas,
on November 22, 1955. His parents are Don and
Marie Way of Cleburne, Texas.He has two
brothers, Terry and Greg, also of Cleburne.
He has lived most of his life in Texas and in
particular the North Texas area.
Dr. G. Don Way
Bro. and Mrs. Way Garry Way pastors the Fair Avenue Baptist Church of Gainesville, Texas. Gainesville is in rural North Texas about 65 miles north of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex area. The population of Gainesville is 14,236 with a county population of 30,777. Bro. Way has pastored the church since August 3, 1986. This is his first pastorate and God has blessed the ministry and the church has grown and prospered. In June of 1999 they entered into their second building program and fourth renovation with the introduction of a three year stewardship program. The church is debt-free with buildings, properties, and contents valued at $350,000. The Faith Promise Missions program has increased missions giving each year for the past twelve years.

In 2002, the church averaged ___ in Sunday School. There were __ baptisms. Since 1986 there have been more than 2,000 professions of faith and more than 500 baptisms. The bus ministry is the largest in the county (a county of 59 churches) with three bus routes and one van. Cooke County Baptist Academy was started in 1995 and they currently have 15 students enrolled.

Fair Avenue Baptist Church has been blessed in the fact that four young couples have entered Bible College as well as two single students. There are four students at Oklahoma Baptist College in Oklahoma City and one student at Temple Baptist College in Ft. Worth, Texas. Two of the young men at Oklahoma Baptist College are missionaries and are currently on deputation raising support for their ministries. The church also has the Bible Baptist Seminary & Institute training for laymen. There are several young people in the youth department who have surrendered their lives to full-time Christian service and plan to attend Bible College in the near future.

Bro. Way has written laymens' commentaries on the Books of Genesis, Exodus, Proverbs, Romans, Ephesians, and Revelation. He teaches at Temple Baptist College in Ft. Worth, Texas. He has also written several books which include "Biblical Worship, What Is it?"; "Abraham - The Friend of God"; "The Compromise of Promise Keepers"; "The Truth About Contemporary Christian Music"; "A Study of the Office of Deacon"; "The Charismatic Movement Exposed"; "How To Avoid Bitterness"; "Rebuilding the Temple - Lessons from Haggai"; and "Faithful Men - A Biblical Definition". Current projects include "What is a Good Christian?"; "Studies in James"; and "Fundamentals of the Faith - Why I'm A Baptist?". Pastor Way also has a daily devotional book titled "Daily Conscious Christian Living." The church also operates FABC Publications which is a local church printing and publishing ministry.

Bro. Way has preached from Mexico to Ohio and from California to Florida as well as Ukraine in Eastern Europe.  The church also has a regular Prison Ministry with services at the Moore State Jail in Bonham, Texas. The entire Way family is involved in the ministry and in 1998 they started the Way Family Ministries as an encouragement to churches and families.

Garry Way grew up in a pastor's home. His father pastored for 32 years in Texas, Louisiana and Ohio. Pastor Way entered full-time Christian service in 1975 as Youth Pastor and Bus Ministry Director. He has served in four churches including his present ministry in Gainesville. He has served as Youth Pastor, Bus Director, Associate Pastor, Principal and Administrator, and now as Pastor.

Pastor Way is forty-seven years old, married and has two children. His wife of 28 years is Jullia and their children are Rachael, age 24, and Richard, age 22. Mrs. Way serves as the Music Coordinator at the church and works in the Academy. Rachael is enrolled at Oklahoma Baptist College in Oklahoma City majoring in Missions having surrendered to be a missionary in 1999. Richard is a senior majoring in Pastoral Theology and will graduate in May 2003. There have been occasions at Fair Avenue where three generations of Way's have preached on the same day - Don, Garry, and Richard. That is almost a modern day miracle - to have three generations of preachers from one family.  Most recently they preached on October 27 at the church's 38 Anniversary services.

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