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   The Intolerance Of Jesus


Matthew 12:22-30


 Sunday Morning Sermon

July 25, 1999

Fair Avenue Baptist Church



Text: Matt. 12:30



Here in these verses our Lord had just performed a notable miralce in healing a man who was possessed of a devil.


It had a dramatic impression on the people and had forced them to believe that Jesus as indeed, the Messiah.


Now, since the Pharisees could not explain it they came up with some lame-brain reasoning that it was only because Jesus was also demonic.


With that readiness of mind that was so typical of our Lord, He answered them and exposed their weakness.


Jesus reasoned that if He was the friend of the devil, why would He make a brother-demon homeless?


Then Jesus was moved with righteous anger by these slanders and said, “He that is not with Me is against Me.”

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