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   Eulogy For James Oral McGilvary


February 14, 1999



(1)     We would like to thank you for coming this afternoon to this service.  We are here to pay our last respects to James Oral McGilvray.  It is my privilege to be able to give this eulogy for the brother of my dear friend, Johnny McGilvray.


Let’s begin with a word of prayer.


(2)     I believe at this time we are going to have a song.


(3)     James Oral McGilvray was born February 6, 1925, in the small town of Okmulgee, Oklahoma, to Clyde and Zulie King McGilvray.


While still a small child, his family moved to the Gainesville area.  His family was one of the early settlers of this area. 


James was one of 12 children.  He is survived by 6 siblings, including his twin brother, Johnny. 


James was also survived by his wife, Helen McGilvray of DeKalb, Mississippi,


two daughters, Mary Williams of Haltom City, and Sheryl Acklie of Fort Worth,


one son, James “Pee Wee” McGilvray of Atlanta, Georgia,


7 grandchildren,

10 great-grandchildren.


Family was very important to James.  He was a beloved brother, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend to all those who knew him.


His last official job was as a heavy equipment operator but those who knew him know that he never really retired.  James always had to be busy and could be counted on for doing any odd jobs that anyone needed done.


He was proud of thefact that he could work rings around young men half his age.  He was always active in some business venture, although none probably brought him as much joy as raising Chihuahuas.  It’s amazing he ever gave any away because he grew so attached to the puppies so quickly.


He also enjoyed setting up at flea markets but it was hrd to tell if he was more interested in making a sale or making a friend.  There is no doubt he preferred sitting back and swapping stories with a customer more than he preferred a quick sale.


James will be greatly missed and will forever live in our hearts.


The family asked for Isaiah 40:28-31 to be used as a text for the message this afternoon.


Let me read those verses to you and talk about them as we read.




This verse reminds us that we have a great God. He never gets tired.  He is not like man.


I’m glad I serve a great God.


I’m also glad that my God understands all things.  When we sometimes wonder “why” or “what for” or “I don’t understand,” we can take comfort in knowing that God knows and understands.




Our great God is always willing to give power to the faint and strength to them who are weak.


I imagine that in the last few days these loved ones have been a little faint and needed some strength.


When that phone call came and the tragic news arrived, I’m sure that you needed strength.


I know the God of comfort helped you through some difficult moments over the past day or two.




It doesn’t matter how young we are, some will faint and fall.


Sometimes in the vigor of our youth we think we are invincible, but that just is not always true.


There will always be times when we grow weary and will need the Lord in our lives.




This is one of the great verses in the Bible. 


There are three degrees of power mentioned here, and we can compare them to the three stages of Christian growth.


a)       the young Christian shall mount up as an eagle


b)      the adult Christian shall run


c)       the mature Christian shall walk


My friend, regardless of who you are, if you are going to move with God through this earth, it will cost you something.


But God will furnish you strength whatever your condition.


If you need strength to walk, He will give it to you.


If you need strength to fly, He has that for you also.


Whatever strength you need,

Whether it be strength to move,

Or strength to carry on,

Or strength to go through a very difficult time,

Our God has that strength for you.


These verses reveal to us the comfort of God as our Creator, as our Saviour, and as our Sustainer.

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