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   What Should Easter Do For Me?


Matthew 28:1-10


Easter Sunday Morning

April 4, 1999

Fair Avenue Baptist Church



A few minutes ago we read a wonderful story from the Word of God concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The background here is familiar to all of us. 


Jesus had been crucified a few days earlier on Wednesday.


So, now three day and three nights had passed and this Sunday morning would be the day of His resurrection.


There was some uncertainty about whether or not Christ would arise.


There was some question about whether or not He would rise from the grave.


These new Christians, these apostles, these disciples, they were not 100% sure of what was going on.


Early on that Sunday morning Mary came to the tomb where Christ had been buried.


She found the tomb empty ... and it changed her life forever.



The question for this morning is “What Can Easter Do For Me?”


Let me give you several things that Easter can and should do for each and every one of us.





Notice VERSE 5, “Fear not.”


Easter should have a calming effect on us.


Jesus is risen! No need to fear.


We sing the song, “He Arose.”


Our Saviour rose from the grave. No need for fear.


That should calm us and give us the reassurance of God’s presence in our lives.





Notice VERSE 6, “He is not here, for he is risen, as he said.”


There is comfort in knowing that He arose from that grave.


There is comfort in knowing that He arose victorious over sin and the grave.


And that comfort comes in knowing that heaven is my home.


There is also comfort in knowing that Jesus will do what He said He would do.


“He is not here: for he is risen, AS HE SAID.”


I don’t know about you but it would be real hard to make it in this old wicked world without the comfort of knowing that Jesus will do what He said He would do.




1.       It should calm us

2.       It should comfort us




Notice VERSE 7, “Go quickly, and tell his disciples.”


Go tell the followers of Jesus that He is alive and will meet with them in Galilee.


Go, encourage them,

Go, tell them about Jesus,

Go, tell them that Jesus wants to meet with them,


Go quickly,

Go quickly, and tell.


Notice the challenge to do something for the Lord.


Notice the challenge to go tell the disciples.


That’s what a Sunday School teacher does - they teach about Christ.


That’s what a Bus Worker does - they bring people to learn about Jesus Christ.


That’s what the daddy of a family should want - he should want his family to come to church to learn more about Jesus.


The Sunday School teacher,

The Bus Worker,

The Sunday School helpers,

The Adult Class group captains,


They all “go quickly, and tell the disciples.”


What keeps a Sunday School teacher going?

What keeps a Bus Worker going?

It is the resurrection.


The resurrection calmed them and removed their fears.


The resurrection comforts them and gives them the peace they need to keep going.


The resurrection challenges them to “go quickly and tell.”


The challenge today is to “go quickly, and tell.”


The resurrection should

1.       Calm us

2.       Comfort us

3.       Challenge us






Look down further in the chapter to the last two verses, VERSES 19-20.


“GO YE.”


There is our commission.

There is our command.


There it is.


We’ve all been commissioned.

We’ve all been challenged.

We’ve all been commanded.


Our commission is clear.


We are to “GO.”


Go and tell people about Jesus.

Go and teach people about Jesus.

Go and win people to Jesus.

Go and baptize people.


We are to “GO.”


What does Easter do for you?


Does it calm you and remove your fears?


Does it comfort you and reassure you of God’s presence in your life?


Does it challenge you to tell?


Does it challenge you to go?

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