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Psalm 85:6



Nehemiah 4:2

Psalm 138:7

Isaiah 57:15

Hosea 6:2, 14:7

Habbakkuk 3:2


Psalm 51:2

Psalm 119:9


Psalm 34:18

Psalm 51:17

Isaiah 57:15, 66:2


Revival will come:


1.       When the thorn tree of strife is rooted from the heart.


2.       When apologies are made for unkind, nasty words and grievances are adjusted in a mannter pleasing to God.


3.       When the dead atmosphere of indifference and lukewarmness is replaced by a fresh annointing of the Holy Spirit.


4.       When there are long times of prayer in which the soul is laid bare before God in humiliation and contrition.


5.       When self-discipline (prayer and Bible reading) is practiced, and self is forgotten in service.


6.       When faith takes hold of God’s promises and resists every attack and accusation of Satan.


7.       When personal testimony is warm and is proven by a holy life.


8.       When we attempt great things FOR God and expect great things FROM God.


9.       When Christians are willing to face opposition, ridicule, persecution, hate, suffering and shame for the Lord’s sake, rather than compromise their convictions or soften their witness against sin.

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