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Acts 1:13-14




FABC, 1-14-98; and 12-26-01

1998 Sermons I – ONEACC




The Books of Acts is a brief history of the early Church at Jerusalem.  It tells of the tremendous growth in the church from the ascension of Christ to a church of great attendance.


In Chapter One it tells us that there were 120 gathered together in the upper room.


In Chapter Two we find that 3,000 souls were added to the church.  So they went from 120 to 3,120, literally, in a matter of days.


From 120 to 3,120 in a few short days, probably less than ten.


Notice VERSE 5, “...not many days hence.”  Jesus was telling them that in just a few short days they would see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost.


The Book of Acts records for us the times when thousands and multitudes were added to the church.  Some estimates put the church at Jerusalem at a high of over 30,000, maybe even 50,000.


So, in just a short period of time they grew from 120 to close to 30,000, maybe 50,000.


The question begs to be asked, “How did they do it?”


How did they go from 120 to thousands?

How did they go from 120 to 10 - 20 - 30 thousand?

I said 10-20-30-40-50 thousand.


There is a phrase which vibrates and rings from the  Scripture that we as 21st

century Christians must take a hold of if we expect even a small percentage of God’s blessings.


We find that phrase first in Acts 1:14, “These all continued WITH ONE ACCORD and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren.”




That is the phrase with rings out from Scripture:




Acts 2:1              with one accord

Acts 2:46            with one accord

Acts 4:24            with one accord

Acts 4:12            with one accord

Acts 15:25                   with one accord


The Word of God uses this description six times to emphasize a very important point:  IF WE WANT GOD’S BLESSINGS ON THE CHURCH, WE MUST BE IN ONE ACCORD!


But I want to go one step further with this study.  Notice the word “accord.”  It means, “with one mind, with one accord, with one passion.”  It is a compound of two words meaning “rush along” and “in unison.” 


With one mind,

with one accord,

with one passion,

rushing along



The imagery of the word is musical.


When a number of notes are sounded, even though different, it can be harmonious in pitch and tone.  When you combine all the notes it is called music.  When you combine all the instruments it is beautiful.


(I want to have some music played to illustrate my point - I know some of you may not agree that the music you just heard was harmonious.)


Just as all the instruments of a symphony, upwards of 100 people, are under the direction of the conductor, the Holy Spirit strives to blend us together in the work of the ministry of the Church.


The violin can’t decide to do what it wants to do, otherwise there would be no harmony.


The flute can’t decide to do what it wants to do, otherwise there would be no harmony.


The oboe can’t decided to do what it wants to do, otherwise there would be no harmony.


How many of you have ever been to a Junior High band concert?  Were all the instruments in harmony?  Not likely.  In fact, just the opposite was probably true.  About half of them were on key, the others were struggling to get anywhere near the right key.


But then you hear a High School band.  A little better but still a missed note or “sour” note from time to time.  Then you hear a college band playing and they sound good.


But then you move up to the big time, the symphony orchestra, you are hearing the best.  Did you know that some musicians in an orchestra make up to $100,000 a year?  Imagine a man making $60,000 a year playing the trombone.  It happens.  I know a man in Longview, Texas, that played for the St. Louis Symphany orchestra and earned $60,000 a year playing a trombone.  And that was back in the 1980’s.


Think about this for a moment.  All the members of the orchestra are following the conductor. 


Question:  Are they following the conductor? 


YES ... and ... NO.


They are following the conductor, following his lead, but they both are following the music written by the author.


The music is set,

The notes cannot be changed, the music must be followed.


The tempo is set,

It cannot be changed.


Everything is set,

the writer wrote the music,

he put everything down on the sheets of music,

the music is published,

and the orchestra plays the music.


But the conductor puts his personality and passion in with the music and leads the orchestra to play.  It is one of my pasttimes to watch conductors leading an orchestra.


Now, the members of the church are following the pastor and both the members and the pastor are following the plan from the Word of God, from God Himself.


The members of the symphony have decided to work together to produce a beautiful piece of music.


And they take pride in their accomplishments,

They take pride in their ability to make beautiful music.

They work hard at it.

They practice and practice and practice.


And when the time comes for the performance, the symphony members are in one accord.  Everything goes great in a performance.  No mistakes.  A beautiful performance.


And the church should be the very same way.


Do we want to see the extraordinary blessings of God on our Church?  I believe the answer to that would be “Yes.”


If so, then we must be in one accord like the musicians are in one accord.


Am I saying that everyone in the church at Jerusalem got along 100% of the time?  And musicians in an orchestra do not get along all the time.  Are we going to get along all the time?


Absolutely not!  It would be almost impossible because we are all sinners and make mistakes and therefore it is impossible not to have problems.


What I am saying is that they had the same mind,

with one accord,

with one passion,

to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread to as many people as possible as soon as possible.


In fact, Scripture itself tells us that they didn’t always get along.  Peter and Paul fussed on occasion.  Paul didn’t get along with John Mark at first.  Barnabas left Paul because of John Mark.


But, yet, they continued to reach the city of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas and even the world because they had one goal - one mind - one passion - to reach a lost and dying world with the Gospel story of Jesus Christ.


Are we going to agree 100% of the time?  NO

Are we going to get along 100% of the time?  NO





But we can have the same goals,

We can have the same mind,

We can be with one accord,

We can have the same passion,

To reach as much of Gainesville and Cooke County with the Gospel as soon as possible.


If we expect God’s blessings now and in the years to come, we must get along “with one accord.”






























[ From the 1998 message: ]


But, now we have a problem.  We are not in one accord.  Or as the football coach might say to his quarterback after a busted play, “We’re not on the same page.”


It pains my heart to say it but we are not in one accord and therefore God cannot bless like He would like to.


The truth is that we are far from one accord. 


I thought we had our problems ironed out.  I have been working under the misconception that we were getting back into one accord.


But, we’re not.


I hestitate to address this issue from the pulpit, but I must.


We have people in places of Leadership who have decided to do what they want to do instead of doing what they said they would do.


They signed an agreement that they would be faithful, and they are not.


I repeat, they signed an agreement that they would following the guidelines for Leadership and they are not:


·       they are missing on Wednesday nights without letting anyone know the reason why - but they are supposed to

·       they are not attending the Leadership meetings on Wednesday nights without letting anyone know the reason why

·       they are leaving church early on Sundays

·       they are not attending Teachers Prayer meetings on Sunday mornings

·       they are not teaching assigned lessons

·       they are wasting valuable classroom time on insignificant things and useless chit-chat

·       they are not coming on Thursday nights

·       they are missing special meetings like the God Save America Conference

·       they are not staying for prayer meetings on Wednesday nights

·       they are not coming to scheduled services and activities

·       they are not participating in the Mens Conferences

·       they did not attend the special prayer summit

·       they are missing services without notifying the pastor but they are supposed to do so

·       they are not visiting for their church

·       they are not passing out tracts

·       they are not going soul winning



They signed an agreement to support the programs of the church, but they are not.


I repeat, they signed an agreement to support the programs of the church, but they are not:


·       they are not tithing

·       they are not giving to missions

·       they did not help with Sack n’ Save receipts

·       they are not arriving on time for classes or services or activities

·       they are not participating in Sunday School campaigns



They volunteered and signed up to do specific tasks, but they have not done them:


·       they are not taking care of the building maintenance

·       they are not taking care of the yardwork

·       they are not keeping the nursery

·       they are not fulfilling their PPT job assignments

·       not attending committee meetings



They are lackadaisical in their worship:


·       talking during the offering

·       coming late to activities like choir practices

·       sitting in the back and talking

·       not singing congregational songs

·       not looking up during the preaching



Their involvement in Vision Unlimited is haphazard:


not coming or arriving late

not wearing VU buttons

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