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The Lean Gut Diet Review

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I came home from work one day only to find my mom surrounded by a stack of books, a whole bunch of fruits and veggies and a new Vitamix. The kitchen looked like the scenery for a dieting TV show. It was a nutritionist’s heaven. Naturally, I asked her what was going on. She told me she was now fully committed and immersed in a new “clean gut diet”.

My mom is one of those people who is absolutely obsessed with dieting. So, of course, I thought this was one of those times. Again! I had seen her literally starving and performing extreme workouts for so much long that I was a bit concerned about this new diet. I thought to myself “Oh no, not again” and I could see myself trying to talk my mother into sense.

And I did. But this time I decided I was going to do it carefully, you know, she had all of the fruits and stuff so I was not going to hurt her feelings telling her that it was all useless right away. So I asked her what the diet was about. And I listened.

Now, diets out there are supposed to help you lose weight fast. Thus, they are almost impossible to be performed. You either end up starving or abandoning it because you can’t take it any longer. There are other kind of diets that are all about preparing an awful beverage that you just can’t drink. But this was nothing like that. After a lot of questioning and, of course, a tiny bit of mocking, I started to understand that the clean gun diet was nothing like that and, in fact, it was really different from the other diets she had done in the past. This diet was different from the others since it was all about performing a cleanse to your organism. The idea of a cleanse sounded appealing to me as I am aware that our bodies are full of toxins due to the fact that we are exposed to this crazy world in which food is not as natural as it should be (and a lot of other factors). The best part of what she was telling me is that this cleanse itself, was different from the others. It was not about those pretty bottles that lead you to starvation. It was about cleaning your digestive system and, therefore, your whole body.

I became more and more curious about this diet. Could this one be different from the others? Should I let my mom go through this process? Would it actually make her some good? My skepticism soon became curiosity and that’s when my mother appeared with a chocolate flavored shake. It looked amazing. I was a bit ashamed of asking my mom about it, after all, I had mocked her a bit before. So, when she went to take a nap, I gave a look too the book. And that’s when I learned that this diet was designed by a Doctor Alejandro Junger M.D. and it was a big surprise when I learned that this guy truly knows what he’s talking about. His studies include internal medicine at NYU, a fellowship in cardiology at Lenox Hill and, he has also studied Eastern medicine in India.

So, as you can imagine I was really interested and intrigued at this point. This amazingly intelligent doctor had convinced me. And I knew that in order to confirm or deny his theory and in order to know if what my mom was doing was useful I needed to try it for myself. And I embarked on my journey to the Clean Gut diet.

For me, it was an experience like no other. So, please, if you are somewhat in between intrigued and skeptical, please continue reading The Clean Gut Diet review, hopefully, it will change your life as it changed mine.


How does The Clean Gut diet works?

So, I learned that this diet aims to clean your body layer by layer. Even though it sounds a bit disgusting, cleaning your gut is the first step to a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. This, of course, leads to weight loss.

First, you will repair your intestinal flora. This means that you will put your body into shape for fighting toxins. This first part is really important since almost all of the things we eat contain elements that interrupt the intestines job. So, the idea is to create a healthy flora so your digestive system works exactly as it should.


What foods would you be eating if following The Clean Gut diet?

If you download The Clean Gut Diet, you will learn all there is to know for recovering the proper functioning of your intestinal flora. You will doing it by eating delicious and healthy food that are very easy to find at a local health market (you know, those grocery shops in which the employees are all hippies who offer delicious snacks). There you can find everything you need for preparing the foods and, it is actually very cheap since it is sold in huge amounts but you will only need a scoop a day.

For example, you will start your mornings with a protein shake which comes in a lot of different flavors. My favorite one is the banana-strawberry or the blueberry combo. The mix that you will be performing will make you feel satisfied until lunch! And, then, at lunch, you will be eating a very easy salad with grilled chicken. For dinner, my favorite plate is salmon on the grill with veggies. This diet is absolutely amazing and 100% effective.


Does The Clean Gut diet work?

Yes, it does. I have been following this diet for about a month and I feel better than ever. I have lost five pounds and I feel amazing. I feel healthier, energized and with a different outlook towards life. It is incredible how much your life can change just by learning how to eat properly. I no longer feel cravings at night, I no longer desire fries. I totally love how I feel and that’s what has led me to not wanting to disrupt this peace by eating something different. If you buy The Clean Gut Diet, you will totally understand this feeling. So I’d say you better not miss this opportunity. You are just one click away from changing your life once and for good.

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