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MCSE W2K Server Exam 70-215

ATTN: This test does not cover the complete MCSE 70-215 W2K Server just yet. We are currently putting the practice exam together, so what you take now will only cover a few topics that are covered in the actual test. We are adding at least 20 questions daily. So bookmark this site and come back often and see our new questions. It won't be long before it is finished!

The 70-215 will measure your ability to implement, administer, and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows 2000 Server incorporated information systems. So Test your knowledge of the MCSE Windows 2000 Server Exam 70-215 before you take the real thing. This quiz is random out of large pool of questions, and each question gives you 2 minutes. After you take the quiz if you would like to take a different one then come back here and hit refresh and start a new one!!! Good luck!!!!!!!

Note: please do not use the back or refresh button once you start the test, and if you can not see the selector to select the number of questions above then right click here and hit refresh

Clicking the back or refresh button will move you to the next question.


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