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 which one r correct

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
dhwani hi everyone

i m about to take my exam in 4-5 days and m still wondering with some questions

could anyone please help me with that

here r they..........

1. Three occurances reset the holddown time after a trigger update ?(Choose all that apply)

A) holddown timer expires
B) another route update reflecting the "down" state of the same route
C) a route update claiming the "up' state of the same route
D) half-life of the holddown time expires
E) a poison-reverse route update of the same route

2. What does the MAC sublayer of the Data Link Layer do ? (choose all that apply)

A) builds frames
B) checks to see that nothing got damaged in trANS:it by CRC
C) determines "which machine goes first on the wire"
D) provides path to the destination host
E) Gets data on and off the wire

3. Which of the follwing are true statements about ISDN ? Choose all that appply

A) data only
B) voice only
C) voice and data both
D) Bandwidth faster than 56K fractional T1 line
i guess it is c and d

4.What is the difference between DTE and DCE devices ?

A) DTE does the the clocking, DCE goes according to that clocking
B) DCE does the the clocking, DTE goes according to that clocking
C) DTE devices are capabale of routing, DCE are not
D) DCE devices are capabale of routing, DTE are

5.Which IP-class provides the fewest numbers of Hosts?

A) Class A
B) Class B
C) Class C
D) Class D

should it be c or d. In what way does cisco view it???

6.How do you copy your IOS image from flash to a tftp server when you have multiple partitions in your flash?

A) copy image network (it will ask you for partition, filename and IP)
B) copy flash tftp (it will ask you for partition, filename and IP)
C) copy flash:partition[1/2]:filename tftp ip_address
D) copy flash:partition[1/2]:filename rcp ip_address

sjakhwal dhwani,

here are my answers.
Q1. a&c (don't know the third occurence)
Q2. a&B
Q3 c&d
Q4. b (DCE provides clocking to DTE. if you setup router as a DCE device then you need to set the clock by using clock rate command.)
Q5. c (class c) Class D has no network and host id. all 28 bits are used for multicast group.
Q6. b


dhwani hi there

thanks for ur answers Forums

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